Traditional Chinese Games for Children

Check which Games Chinese Kids Play

Playing is one of the activities every kid loves. But apart from simply having fun, a good game can help kids learn something new, train their brains and master the common abilities. That is why it is of key importance for every parent encourage his or her children play the learning games. Below you can find out about the most popular games played by Chinese children. Check them out, maybe you will find some of them appropriate for your kids.

The most common kids games played in China are: Fingers Out, Catching Seven Pieces, Catch The Dragons Tail, Chinese Ball, chess, Moon Cake, Going To Town, and Four Seasons Game. We’ll review two of them.

 Fingers Out

Being a rather straightforward guessing game, Fingers Out makes a great option for small kids. Both kids with kids or kids with parents can play it. It has rather simple rules: the two players face each other, counting to 3. Then they put out one hand (you can do this as a fist and with 1, 2 or 3 fingers extended), whilst saying any number ranging from 1 to 6. Add up the number of the extended fingers. Once the kid correctly predicts the number of shown fingers, he or she gets two points. When the closest number of extended fingers is guesses, the one who managed to guess gets 1 point. No points are given should there have been a tie. In fatc, everything is simple – become to first one to a given number or points and you win.

 Catching Seven Pieces

Catching Seven Pieces is other learning game that will bring lots of fun. Interesting it to add that before, the game was played with the tiny inch-square rice bags. Today, it’s played with 7 tiny inch-square beans or rice bags.

Tip1: it might be also a fun project for children to create these bags with their own hands. Indeed, the games are to enjoy the Catching Seven Pieces even more when played with their own hand-made tiny bags. You can find the guidance on how to make the little bags in Internet.

Guidance on how to play

You stand or sit around the table, or if you belong to those who adore playing on the floor on the soft carpet, you can sit on the ground.

You have seven pieces in one hand, and then you drop them onto the surface. Make sure the pieces arent touching with each other.

Tip2: the game gets harder, if you spread those pieces further.

You take one piece and toss it in the air, taking another one from the surface with the same hand before catching the first piece before it is on the surface again. With two pieces in hand, throw one up in the air, take one more piece, and catch the air-bound piece again. Keep on doing this until you get all seven in your hand.

It is becoming more difficult as you have more pieces in your hand. Once you drop any single piece, the air-bound piece returns onto the surface. If there are un-grabbed pieces, they are touched or moved, and as a result, the turn passes to the other player. A soon as you become skillful enough here, you are to take two pieces at the same time, then three pieces, and etc. in the end, you should be able to throw  one piece up into the air, scooping the other 6 ones into your hand prior to again taking that first piece.